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Sponsor a Day

Could you Ďsponsor a day' of brain tumour research and help save lives?

Please sponsor a day, or as many days as you can, and help us to support sustainable programmes of brain tumour research at the University of Portsmouth. A lasting record of your generosity will be placed on our Wall of Hope. Every tile on the ‘Wall of Hope' represents a day of vital brain tumour research.

To find a cure for brain tumours will take years of research.  Research costs money.

To enable the University of Portsmouth's centre of excellence to focus on a three year programme of brain tumour research will need £1 million per annum.

 Put simply, over the course of 365 days in a year, that's £2,740 per day.

£1 million per year will pay for a team of researches and support staff, headed by a research fellow.  It will also pay for the material that they need such as tissue culture plastic ware, molecular & chemical reagents, serum and assay kits.

You could organise an event with proceeds going to Taylan's Project, or make a donation. If your sponsorship is in memory of a loved one, choose to sponsor a memorable date and we will place your plaque on the ‘Wall of Hope' at the University of Portsmouth. You can find out more about such fundraising by clicking here.

Your help is desperately needed to improve treatments and ultimately find a cure for brain tumours. To discuss how you can help, or for further information, please contact Brain Tumour Research on 01296 733011, or send us an email


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